Norman Benett is a leader on the Polish training and coaching market. For 15 years now the company has been training Polish managerial staff and educating professional coaches.

Norman Benett Group is a training and consulting company specializing in organizational and personnel advisory, quality audit, business and psychological trainings and coaching.

Norman Benett Group consists of specialists in the field of psychology, coaching and organization, who shaped organizational processes in many leading companies on the Polish market. They constitute the largest Norman Benett value, the value which is reflected in the quality of services offered.

Norman Benett company co-creates the Chamber of Coaching and is one of the founding members of the Polish Chamber of Training Companies – an organization that cares about labor standards and ethics of the training environment. The Norman Benett team is the initiator and co-founder of the Polish branch of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Association (EMCC) promoting the world’s best practices from a variety of approaches and schools in the areas of mentoring and coaching.

Business Consulting (search & selection) and Norman Benett co-operate as partner companies and offer projects in joint operation.

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