Comprehensive service tailored to Customer needs

Our success is based on accurately defining needs and finding appropriate solutions. We listen carefully to our Clients and thanks to our vast experience across a wide range of different sectors, we are able to help identify and assess the best Candidates to solve your business problems.

Guarantee on every placement

We take full responsibility for the results of our work. We offer up to 12-month guarantee on every Candidate we select, depending on the position and the methodology applied.

We specialize in implementing comprehensive recruitment projects for middle and top management positions, as well as highly specialized and administrative professionals from different industries. We reach the Candidates through direct search methods: Executive Search and Head Hunting, as well as through traditional selection methods: using announcements and our own, constantly updated database.

Communication with the Client

Throughout the whole project we are focused on the communication with our Clients; we listen to you carefully and we report on a regular basis to keep you informed of key developments. The recruitment process is performed by a highly experienced consultant in collaboration with a researcher. All our assignments are peer reviewed by the owner of the company. Our clients describe us as a trustworthy business partner. They value our discretion and highly customized approach.

Contact for the employer